Choosing The Right Crossbow Broadheads

Many shooters make the mistake of leaving the choosing of crossbow broadheads until the last minute. This is something that you want to avoid because your broadheads should be one of your first considerations. These items will affect how well you are able to use your crossbow and you need to know what you should be looking for in the perfect ones.

Choosing The Right Weight

There are a number of options available when you look at the weight of the broadheads. Of course, there are also a number of variables that you have to take into account when you look at this as well. The most common weights are 85, 100 and 125 grams. Most hunters will look at using a 100 gram, but the 125 gram has been increasing in popularity over the years. This is due to the increased energy that the heavier broadheads offer.

When you have a heavier broadhead the kinetic energy will be increased. However, you will not have to worry about a loss of speed which is one of the reasons why heavier weights are popular. Another benefit to the heavier weight is that your bow will be quieter when you use them and this is important when you are hunting.

Fixed Or Mechanical Broadheads?

When you look at broadheads you will notice that there are two categories that you can choose from. The first is the fixed broadhead and the second is mechanical. Each category will have their advantages and disadvantages and you need to consider this before you buy.

The fixed broadhead is the foundation of the market and more models will offer this style. Most hunters will also use this style when compared to the mechanical option. The primary advantage of this style is that they penetrate better than other types. The broadhead will not use the arrow’s kinetic energy to open the blades which is a major benefit.

The primary problem with the fixed broadhead is that it will require more tuning to be accurate particularly when you are using it with a crossbow. The arrow will be shorter and this means that the broadhead has an increased chance of taking control of the flight. If the crossbow is not tuned correctly then the arrow could miss the target.

The mechanical broadhead will expand during flight and create a wide wound channel. The primary benefit of these tips is that they tend to shoot with the same precision as field points. You will be able to sight-in with your field point and then shoot a broadhead. Once you have done this you will be ready to hunt without any further tuning.

The main disadvantage of mechanical broadheads is that they will take up to 15ft/lbs of energy before they open. This will mean that you have less energy in the arrow to penetrate. While the wound channel is wider, if the arrow does not penetrate enough this will not help you when you are out hunting.